Indian Pipe

I wanted to share this photo of Indian Pipe notice the red color.  This plant is most often white because it does not use photosynthesis to get it’s food so no chloryphyl here.  I decided to do a little research because I have heard about it being parasitic and also that it uses decomposing plant material and now researching abit it seems it might get nutrients through tree roots.


So I went out for a walk after work to enjoy the fresh snow that had fallen overnight and right away stumbled upon some tracks begging to be followed.  What initially appeared at a glance a deer walking through the old field turned out not to be.  A minute into looking at these not so deer tracks I see the trail goes along the top of a fallen over tree.  Interesting… a little further as I climb the hill and head back into the swamp I can see the claw marks where they where dragging in the snow.  Then the trail takes an almost ninety degree turn at a small stump.  Hmmm I get over there to see and I am rewarded with fresh urine!  The stump had been marked by friend as he traveled off into the swamp veering away from the edge of the woods.  I headed into the swamp to find the trail diverge and after looking around continued on the most recent trail down into the swamp and got rewarded with a nice print frozen into the ice next to thawed water with just the hint of a skunk cabbage rising from the swamp.  After feeling the track for awhile I headed down into the swamp and scouted around a blowdown to see if our friend has bedded down there before.  Someone else has by the one set of tracks coming in from another way.  I was running out of time so I headed back to check the scent marked stump and get a good wiff.  Woah!! Yup that is pungent.   I was thinking about a fox making this trail remembering It’s mating season and wondering the length of his gait.  Sadly it was time to go so I headed back, jumping the old barbed wire fence and cutting across the field.